What we do


Sid Valley Help has about 30 volunteers and trustees (at March 2022) and our current activities are:

  • we support around 25 vulnerable households with social visits and help with shopping

  • we operate a signposting service with a website and telephone and email contacts that provides information on local, county and national health and social care services

  • in conjunction with the Sidmouth Wellbeing & Health Action Team (WHAT) we organise and raise funding for local mental health projects such as Headlight peer groups and mentoring for young people and I-Belong training; last year we spent £18,000 on this

  • we hold network meetings and training sessions for Sidmouth's voluntary health and social care organisations

  • we attend the weekly NHS Community Health & Social Care team meetings

  • we cooperate with Sidmouth Hospice at Home in the Information Centre at 48 High Street, Sidmouth

  • we work closely with other local and national voluntary organisations trying to identify gaps in provision and we try to fill them.


If you need information or support please contact us. Phone our Helpline on 01395 892 011 or text 07378 964521 or email sidvalleyhelp@gmail.com .