The Herbert Protocol

Main Contact: Devon & Cornwall Police


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Objective: It is a simple risk reduction tool to be used in the event of an adult with care and support needs going missing. It consists of a form that contains vital information about a person at risk that can be passed to the police at the point the person is reported missing. A recent photograph of the person should also be kept with the form. It is not intended to replace existing safeguarding and security measures.

If you think that your family member or friend is at risk of leaving their home and going missing or already has a history of this please fill in the form as soon as possible. If you are a carer the judgement should be based on your professional opinion.

The police only need the form at the point the person is reported missing. There is no need to hand it to police before then and the form will be returned once the person is found.

It should be stored in an easily accessible place in the person's home but kept out of sight of visitors as the information is confidential. In the care setting it should be stored in accordance with data protection laws, but where you can find it quickly.

Download the form HERE.

Is there are charge? No

Is a referral required? Only when the person is missing.

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