Free energy advice

Healthy Homes for Wellbeing

Exeter Community Energy (ECOE) provides free energy advice, home visits, and free energy and money saving measures to those who are vulnerable and fuel poor. The home visits are funded by the Local Energy Advice Programme (LEAP).

ECOE offers community groups and service providers:

  • Free advice clinics for groups and at events

  • Talks for organisations and community groups

  • Briefings for staff and volunteers regarding the project and how to make referrals

  • Training for frontline workers about the project, making referrals and preparing them to offer energy advice

Healthy Homes for Wellbeing provides consumers with tailored advice at our clinics and at LEAP home visits from one of our four qualified home energy advisors. A full home energy assessment is carried out and a tailored support package offered, which includes:

  • Energy saving tips

  • Installation of free energy saving measures (LED bulbs, radiator reflector panel, draught proofing for windows, doors and letter boxes, etc)

  • Help with changing supplier or tariff and applying for discounts

  • Referral for help with benefits and debt

  • Information about grants availability for insulation, heating controls and some replacement heating systems

  • Signing up for priority services register

To be eligible for home visits, consumers need to satisfy only ONE criteria from:

1. low income and/or on benefits,

2. health (physical and mental) and

3. other vulnerability criteria

For more details of ECOE’s Healthy Homes project

For more details about eligibility

For Healthy Homes online referral form

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