Sid Valley HELP prepares to launch website

Originally posted by The Sidmouth Herald.

Sid Valley organisations are being asked to come together ahead of the launch of a new website offering a helping hand to the community.

Sid Valley HELP will launch the site in April, after months of work compiling information about local health and wellbeing groups.

The organisation wants to unite the community to support residents in times of difficulty, loneliness or illness by utilising other groups’ expertise as part of its commitment to improve health and care services.

Sid Valley HELP was the brainchild of the town’s health and care forum to continue a signposting and advice service as well as tackle the growing issue of loneliness.

Di Fuller, chairman of the Sidmouth Health and Care Forum, said: “This is about how to make community services work. There is a lot going on in East Devon and it is about finding a way to work more closely together.

“It’s just phenomenal the number of groups that are health and care and wellbeing related. I was astonished at how much is going on and I thought I knew pretty much what happened but I keep finding out new things. This is not just for the elderly. It is a service for everybody of all ages across the Sid Valley.”

Mrs Fuller said areas the group were focusing on included improving the existing signposting and advice service through the website and hard copies and hoped to develop a befriending and visiting network.

She said: “We are currently identifying the extent of the support available in the Sid Valley to combat loneliness. If there is an unmet need, we will offer a visiting service. We hope to improve the well-being of people who may be feeling out of touch, lonely and isolated for a variety of reasons.”

Health and wellbeing groups in the town will be able to learn about the launch of the website, the work of existing groups in the area and discuss the effects of loneliness at a networking event on Thursday, March 15.

The discussions will run from 4pm to 5.30pm, in St Francis Church Hall.

The website will launch on Friday, April 6.

If you would like to become a volunteer, attend the networking event, or find out more information about Sid Valley Help, email