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Healthy Neighbourhoods (Westbank)

Main Contact: Sarah Forde


Position: Project Manager


Address: c/o Westbank, Famhouse Rose, Exminster, EX6 8AT


Telephone: 01392 824752 or 01392 823690




Online: Website


Objective: Westbank Healthy Neighbourhoods, operates in East & Mid Devon and is the development and roll-out of a range of community-led health and wellbeing activities. Focused on preventative approaches, it is led by what matters to people in their communities, complements existing provision and is facilitated, further developed and sustained by the involvement of volunteers. This combination seeks to enable and empower people struggling from the effects of age, loneliness, illness, disability, deprivation and unhealthy lifestyles to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives where they feel part of a community and connected to those around them.


Activities and Support Offered: Health and wellbeing activities and support for people struggling from the effects of age, loneliness, illness, disability, deprivation and unhealthy lifestyles:

_ Holistic wellbeing programmes for people with illnesses and long term conditions

_ Falls prevention classes and support

_ Healthy eating and cooking support (group and 1:1)

_ Physical activity initiatives such as health walks, zumba gold, table tennis, tai chi, yoga, wheelchair dance

_ Digital inclusion support (group and 1:1)

_ Out of hospital support

_ Help with shopping

_ Public health awareness campaigns


Target Group: Older people, isolated people aged 18+, Disabled people, people with long term health conditions.


Transport Provided? Yes


Is there are charge? For some activities

Is a referral required? No

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