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Gentle Moves

Main Contact: Zoe Lloyd


Position: Proprietor


Address: c/o Burrow Bungalow, Burrow Road, Seaton, EX12 2NF


Telephone: 07747 511245






Objective: To allow people to remain living independently. A social gathering to allow people to exercise, make new friends and become less socially isolated.


Activities and Support Offered: A weekly exercise class to improve co-ordination and flexibility, health and wellbeing. Friendly informal session with exercise to music and the use of varied pieces of equipment for helping with (for example) finger dexterity, building strength and maintaining core muscles.


Target Group: For anyone that finds it hard to stand for long periods, those with knee or hip issues or after a short illness.


Transport Provided? No


Is there are charge? £6 a session (or 4 for £20)

Is a referral required? No

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