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Objective: We aim to improve the lives of older people in Devon through delivering services that tackle loneliness and isolation; promote improved health & wellbeing; increase independence; support families and carers; help people access local services; help people identify and claim benefit entitlements; enable people to get the most out of life.


Activities and Support Offered: Free, confidential, specialist advice on matters affecting later life: benefits and money; housing options; social care; local services. Telephone service, face to face by appointment only. Help with benefit forms. Free factsheets and information guides.


Target Group: Older adults (55+ years)but enabling and home support is primarily a much older client group.


Transport Provided? No


Is there are charge? Varies - please contact for further details.

Is a referral required? No - anyone can contact them directly.

The Better Later Lives Project:

This project is aimed at people over pension age who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing, a ‘significant life event’ and helps them to think about what they want to achieve or regain following this.


The project is particularly centred around loneliness and during each home visit we will be asking clients about feelings of loneliness they might be experiencing and attempting to improve wellbeing through actions taken (although being lonely isn’t a prerequisite for taking part!).


Significant life events may include:

  • Bereavement

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Deterioration in health

  • Financial changes

  • Change of living arrangements


The service is time-limited; typically we will visit each client at home once and remaining follow-up work will be done over the phone or by post/email. We can sometimes be flexible about this if needed, but we hope to make it clear that this is not an ongoing befriending or enabling service. The project will initially run for one year. There is no charge to the client.


The types of things we expect to be helping people with include:

  • Welfare, benefits, maximising income

  • Care and housing options

  • Looking into local social activities and volunteering opportunities


As you may be aware, we are not able to give regulated financial, debt, legal or immigration advice.


Please feel free to email or call Hilary McCormick (East Devon Co-ordinator) on 0333 241 2340 with any questions or referrals (we also accept self-referrals).

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